Conserveira de Lisboa originated from Mercearia do Minho, which was established in 1930. From the outset, this establishment was primarily dedicated to the sale of canned goods, as one of the founding partners was a stockist of this product. Fernando da Silva Ferreira began his professional activity as an employee, but his entrepreneurial spirit and capacity for saving led him to acquire a third of the company.

The year 1942 brought great changes to the business, starting with one which has lasted until today: its name. The essence of the grocery store – the canned food trade – had grown stronger and the new name was part of a natural progression: Conserveira de Lisboa. On a corporate level, Fernando da Silva Ferreira continued to hold positions in the company, further expanding his role in the destiny of the brand. Years later, in the 1960s and 1970s, during the canned food boom in Portugal, the company was flourishing, with two additional large warehouses in which to store its goods.

Since then, the history of the Conserveira de Lisboa has been intertwined with the history of the Ferreira family, withstanding various crises, from the consequences of the end of the Colonial War to the exponential growth of frozen foods and the appearance of hypermarkets. A history marked by a capacity for innovation allied with strategic vision.

Family values

What sets Conserveira de Lisboa's commercial activity apart has always been the vision to create brands which become part of Portuguese daily life. Of the various brands registered by the company over the years, three stand out: Tricana, Prata do Mar and Minor. Traditional brands that have never been afraid of modernisation and which know how to protect those characteristics that gave them their name: unique flavours, genuine ingredients, unbeatable quality.

In 1988, Fernando da Silva Ferreira decided it was time to bring his working life to a close. Selling the shop was an option, but his son and daughter-in-law, Armando José Cabral Ferreira and Regina Maria Cabral Ferreira, ensured that the business would remain in family hands, finding new partners in António Robalo Gouveia and Graça Robalo Gouveia. The project was not only saved but continued to thrive and develop.

By June 2004, the company Conserveira de Lisboa Ld.ª was again 100 per cent owned by the family as the property of Armando and Regina Cabral Ferreira. However, in 2008, due to the death of the patriarch, changes in the company's structure were again required. Tiago Ferreira and Maria Manuel Ferreira, the third generation of the family, accepted the role of partners, continuing to drive the Conserveira de Lisboa business forward.