The shop situated at 34 Rua dos Bacalhoeiros maintains its original layout, where the main counter, the shelves and the office have not undergone any changes, maintaining the typical style of the commercial establishments of the 1930s. On this journey, now almost a century old, the shop's greatest alteration was the closure of the old tuna brining tank, an echo of when salted tuna from the Algarve coast and the Azores was still sold in store.

In other areas, detailed changes were made to improve the operations of the shop, including making the packing machines more efficient and increasing the response capacity of the counter.

Subtle but important work was done to recover the glass advertisements, whose phrases are typical of the advertising of the 1930s, taking us back to the origins of a dream that has become an enduring reality. The traditional shop of the Conserveira de Lisboa appears to be from another time, but it is a contemporary space where we live and work to create delicious memories.